First Post

by Admiral Halsey on March 6, 2010

Well, here it is kids, the first post of what I hope to be many, but in reality will probably be just a few. Day to day, I see what amounts to social and cultural wrongdoing in the world around me. I am neither superhero nor cop, so I’m not out to right these supposed wrongs, but rather, I am here to chronicle them and present them to you for your amusement or outrage.

Friday morning I’m standing in line at the supermarket coffee bar picking up a chocolate bar and cuppa joe. The lady in front of me is counting change, pennies, from her purse so that she can pay in exact change. In the process, she has spread the crappy contents of her purse all over the counter. She has, however, carefully placed a brand new US magazine between her purse and the cream pitchers, thus making it impossible for anyone to access the cream without risking a spill on the magazine. And, since I’m the one pouring the cream, I say to the lady, “excuse me, but is that your magazine ?  I’d hate to spill the cream on it. I know how expensive those things can be” Distractedly, the lady mumbles something about how the magazine isn’t hers and that she just picked it up off the rack at the checkout stands so she’d have something to read while eating her sticky cinnamon roll and sloshing her coffee. Really ?  I mean, it seems OK to page through the magazine while waiting in line, but you can’t take that thing to a different section of the store and paw through it as if you owned it, leaving it on the cafe table in a pool of spilled coffee and sticky sugar.

That ain’t even right.

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